If You Can’t See God, It’s Because You Are Blind

Written by Mark Farnham

On November 30, 2014

speakers_corner-2Unless we are born again, we cannot see the kingdom of God.

A man once stood on a soap box at Hyde Park Corner, pouring scorn on Christianity. “People tell me that God exists, but I can’t see him. People tell me that there is a life after death; but I can’t see it. People tell me that there is a judgment to come, but I can’t see it. People tell me there is a heaven and hell, but I can’t see them…”

He won cheap applause and climbed down from his “pulpit.” Another struggled onto the soap box. “People tell me there is green grass all around, but I can’t see it. People tell me that there is blue sky above, but I can’t see it. People tell me that there are trees nearby, but I can’t see them. You see, I’m blind.” (David Watson, My God Is Real, 78)

When unbelievers “find no evidence for God,” it’s not because no evidence exists, for Romans 1:18-21 tells us that what can be known about God is clear and plain to everyone because God has shown it to them. If God shows a person something, he sees it. The problem is the suppression of the truth about God which is obvious–a willful blindness to the truth.

They choose not to see and then declare that there is nothing to see. Don’t be fooled by the blind skeptic. He sees the truth just fine.

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