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Every Believer Confident — Video Teaching Series

Through 13 video lessons and corresponding PDF study guides, Every Believer Confident aims to help ordinary Christians confidently share their faith with unbelievers.

Each video follows and supports the chapter content in Dr. Farnham’s book Every Believer Confident, which you can purchase in print or Kindle. Along with the study guide, we’ve included the book’s first three chapters as a bonus PDF.

The PDF study guide provides supporting questions to aid comprehension, discussion, and further study. It comes with the video series as a printable PDF. You can reproduce it as many times as necessary for your group.

Use this video teaching series for personal enrichment, small group study, church Sunday school, or discipleship classes.

What You’ll Receive

  • Unlimited access to stream each video lesson (please email us before purchase if streaming is not an option for your group)
  • Printable PDF Study Guide
  • Sample of Every Believer Confident (the first three chapters)

Course Outline

  1. Introduction (18:17) [Sample this lesson free]
  2. The Biblical Warrant for Apologetics (14:24)
  3. The Power of Apologetics (12:39)
  4. Understanding Unbelievers (16:05)
  5. Pulling Down Strongholds (10:20)
  6. Getting Them to Jesus (13:37)
  7. How to Share the Gospel Effectively (10:41)
  8. Effective Strategies for Apologetic Encounters (15:12)
  9. Logic and Logical Fallacies (18:03)
  10. Review (15:37)
  11. The Doctrine of Scripture (15:58)
  12. The Doctrine of God (18:07)
  13. The Doctrine of Man & Sin (13:18)
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Every Believer Confident

For the average Christian who longs to share their faith effectively but doesn’t know where to begin, Every Believer Confident is the ultimate guidebook.

All believers are called to make disciples and “give an answer” when objections are raised against the faith. Most Christians want to share and defend their beliefs, but they often feel ill-equipped. They desire to reach friends, family, coworkers, and classmates with the good news of Jesus Christ, but lack confidence and skill. They want to be like Jesus and effectively engage the lost with the powerful truth of the gospel. They just don’t know how.

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Talking About Ethics

Talking About Ethics provides students with all of the tools necessary to develop a coherent approach to ethical decision making. The authors demonstrate how various moral theories play out in relation to a wide variety of ethical questions using an accessible dialogue format. The chapters follow three college students as they discuss today’s most important ethical issues with their families and friends, including:

  • Immigration
  • Capital punishment
  • Legalization of narcotics
  • Abortion
  • Premarital sex
  • Reproductive technologies
  • Gender identity
  • The environment, and many more

The engaging dialogue format illustrates how these topics often take shape in the real world, and models critical thinking and Christian ethical decision making. Study aids in each chapter include overviews, sidebars, reflection questions, glossaries, and recommended reading. Ideal as a textbook for undergraduate ethics courses, it is also accessible enough for high school classes and personal study. Talking About Ethics was an Evangelical Christian Publishers Association nominee for 2022 Book of the Year!

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