Seminar Topics

Apologetics for the Church offers a number of different formats for apologetics training. One-week camps, weekend seminars, and one-day power seminars are the standard formats, but we are happy to adjust the training to your situation. Additional topics are available upon request.

Topics during the training include:

  • Every Believer Confident: Every believer is called to prepare to give an answer for why they believe what they believe. This session helps believers understand how they can effectively engage unbelievers with the gospel. (1 Peter 3:15-16).
  • Understanding Unbelievers: Until we understand what God says is true of every unbeliever, we will not share the gospel well. This session shows that every person knows that God is holy and we are guilty, but we suppress the truth and exchange it for a lie (Rom. 1:18-32).
  • Pulling Down Strongholds: What does an effective gospel encounter look like? This session simplifies a strategy for real-life conversations that allows the Christian to present a powerful apologetic (2 Cor. 10:4-5).
  • The Historical Reliability of the Gospels: The message of Jesus is set in a particular historical context that is often considered by unbelievers to be a problem for Christians. This session shows that the historical claims in the Gospels are supported by mountains of evidence.
  • The Historicity of the Resurrection: The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the claim on which all of Christianity hangs (1 Corinthians 15). This session focuses on the evidence for the resurrection so Christians can have confidence in their faith.
  • Science and Christianity: Science is a wonderful gift from God to know our world, but it has its limitations. This session shows how science can help us understand God’s revelation better, but also how it can never disprove the core claims of Christianity.
  • Understanding and Engaging LGBTQ+: The issues of sexuality and identity are causing great confusion and damage today. This session explores what the Bible says about sex, gender, and identity and how to engage those who have been led astray.
  • Instilling Confidence in Our Children: The time to begin apologetics training is in childhood when their views of the world begin to take shape. This session helps parents learn what they can do to ground their children in the faith early.
  • Encountering Skeptics and Atheists: Those who reject all belief in God present a formidable challenge to Christians, especially the younger generation. This session equips believers to powerfully refute antagonists to the gospel.
  • The Problem of World Religions: This session helps believers understand the differences between Christianity and other religions and why we can have confidence that the Christian faith is the only true belief system.
  • Worldviews: Everyone has a worldview whether they know it or not. This worldview guides their thinking and their life. This session explores the major worldviews common in America and how to engage them with the gospel.
  • The Reliability of Scripture: The Bible is often attacked for being unreliable, a historical, and full of factual errors. This session exposes the modern attacks on the Bible as erroneous and irrational and shows how the Bible can withstand scrutiny.
  • The Problem of Evil and Suffering: This session helps believers answer the most difficult question posed against the Christian faith.
  • Three Reasons People Don’t Believe: The reasons people reject Christianity are deep-seated. This session explores three underlying reasons people today don’t believe: self, scientism, and sex.
  • The Truths We Hold Dear: This session looks at the cornerstone doctrines of the Christian faith so believers will understand better how to give an answer (2 Peter 1:16-21).


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