The Ugliness of Man Apart from Christ

Written by Mark Farnham

On November 3, 2010

What sort of freak then is man? How novel, how monstrous, how chaotic, how paradoxical, how prodigious, judge of all things, feeble earth worm, repository of truth, sink of doubt and error, glory and refuse of the universe.

Blaise Pascal, 17th century thinker

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  1. Tom Vietti

    Didn’t know that “freak” was a word back in the day…Paschal was up on his 17th century slang!

    • Jared Stevenson

      I didn’t know Blaise Pascal spoke and wrote in English. . . . a good contemporary translation it is!

  2. Mark Farnham

    Yeah, all the great thinkers used slang!


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